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I'm a 20 year old virgin.
Anonymous on 2010-02-17 at 02:58:06 EST. Secret #190
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There is a girl in my English class that all my friends hate so I pretend to agree but secretly I want nothing more than to hold her in my arms.
Anonymous on 2010-02-16 at 01:36:50 EST. Secret #185
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i want to make love to my boyfriend but jst scared of the consequences
Anonymous on 2010-02-16 at 01:13:59 EST. Secret #179
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I fell asleep with itchy butt and woke up with stinky fingers LMAO
Anonymous on 2010-02-16 at 01:01:25 EST. Secret #176
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I have a creepy fear that if I don't cover up my feet at night someone might get them
Anonymous on 2010-02-16 at 23:58:23 EST. Secret #166
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Last week I forgot to put the trash out to be picked up so yesterday I dumped it inside of one of those clothes donation bins.
Anonymous on 2010-02-13 at 14:27:29 EST. Secret #165
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i wear women's socks when i ride my motorcycle
Samson on 2010-02-05 at 21:56:03 EST. Secret #163
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i let my boyfriend beat me in video games all the time. he gets super angry and defensive if i dont and i really cant stand his whining. one day before i break up with him though i am gonna sonic boom him out of our apartment
twirl on 2010-02-03 at 10:33:42 EST. Secret #162
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for years all of my friends and family have loved my strawberry tarts... they beg for them all the time, look blissful while feasting on them and miss them when they are gone. I wonder how much they will like them when they realize that my secret ingredient is aged bacon fat
Anonymous on 2010-02-01 at 19:15:35 EST. Secret #161
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My owners didn't take me for a walk today so i left a nice fresh present in one of their slippers.
Anonymous dog on 2010-01-31 at 15:51:12 EST. Secret #160
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